Bright + Mediterranean // Oil + Balm Set

Bright + Mediterranean // Oil + Balm Set


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Beard Balm + Archangel Michael Beard Oil


Scent: Bright + Mediterranean


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Beard Balm 30ml:


In the days of Babylon now Iraq, lay an ancient wonder of the world, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Built for a queen who missed the green hills she hailed from, this eastern garden is still spoken about today.

An expert balance of sweet orange and myrtle evokes the warm heat of the middle-east and its most fragrant gardens. 

Be transported to this ancient place as notes of fruits and flowers deepen, into green leaves and a sense of warm air.

A sophisticated joining of harmonious top notes, that deepen and mature into a remarkable scent.


Archangel Michael Beard Oil 30ml:






Sweet Almond Oil - Carrier Oil

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil

Nutmeg Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil


Blow out the cobwebs and vanquish the evil ways of your demonic beard.

Archangel Michael delivers an angelic scent. Elevating the senses with florals and spices blended with temple burnt incense, to give a scent experience from on high.