Earthy + Grounding // Oil + Balm Set

Earthy + Grounding // Oil + Balm Set


Sacred Grove Beard Balm + The Green Man Beard Oil


Scent: Earthy + Grounding


Sacred Grove Beard Balm 30ml:


The pagan lands of Great Britain holds many secrets and places of power.

But none more so than the sacred groves in the forests of our druid ancestors.

Partake in their rites as you walk the dark woodlands, breathing in the green sap and summer botanicals.

Smell the burnt offerings of fragrant woods, smouldering on the alter of the grove.

Evoking the sacred rituals of the druids and their worship of nature.

Notes of dry evergreens and clean air, transmute into rich woods and mossy grove rocks.

Our Infernal Favorite!






Sweet Almond Oil - Carrier Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil

Cedarwood Virginia Essential Oil

Benzoin Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil


Take a moment to connect with Mother Earth, speak with The Green Man, learn the ways of the roots. A walk in the forests of cedar, in the time of flowering. Ginger tints the scent, a foundation of grounding. Sap from the trees mixes with the rain, breathe in the essence filled air and be blessed.