Mysterious + Deep // Oil + Balm Set

Mysterious + Deep // Oil + Balm Set


Secret of the Catacombs Beard Balm + Dracula Beard Oil


Scent: Mysterious + Deep


Secret of the Catacombs:


This mysterious and complex scent was inspired by a private tour of the Paris catacombs some years ago.

Upon this tour it was revealed to us, some evidence of necromancy rituals still taking place today, using the remains of those buried.

Opoponax and Palmarosa evoke an intoxicating aroma.

A deep, heavy fragrance like old stone and water filled caverns. 

An underground atmosphere with a lift of fresh air, like the cold draft of the chambered tomb.

Addictive and reminiscent, yet perplexing to describe.




Take the path through the carpathian mountains,

Feel the enduring power of Dracula,

The thirst is a great one,

Slumber no more and brave the sunlight!


Dracula is carried by pure sweet almond oil.


Dragons Blood Resin Solution 11% 

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Neroli Essential Oil

Clove Essential Oil

Benzoin Essential Oil